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My Cloth Art Practice! 

I am a contemporary quilt maker and collage artist that works with ‘found’ cloth, namely old wool blankets and silk hand stitched, paper and rust, and many found objects.

The cloth and paper is natural dyed with leaves, bark, lichen and any found organic material.

 My work is inspired by emotions of the environment and emotions of everyday life.

The “Horizon” series, was an on going series that traced the emotions of always trying to achieve the “Horizons” that we set as goals, but never seeming to be able to attain.

This series has finished with 64 art works!




Works from the "Memory Cloth" series was started in late 2008

Most of the works come from the emotions of the 'Black Saturday' bushfires in Victoria in February 2009 where 173 people lost their lives. Countless houses and wildlife were lost.