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The works evoke the power of memory in cloth, using “found” cloth that has been dyed in natural dyes and using batik methods. Works are hand stitched, machine stitched, dyed, waxed, batiked, whilst Glenys Mann, digitally made and printed cloth on large format paper. Prints are 45inches x 34inches

Memory, not of people, places or things. The body remembers. The body remembers like a rhythm felt but not yet heard. The rhythm of the sleeping breath, nurturing night, the shifting elusive border time that is neither day nor night. The cloth that covers the sleeping body takes on that energy, like an imprint in the cloth like a memory in the cloth the quilt is the body. The body remembers.

When the cloth is mended, it is healing the body, making it whole, for the cloth is the body. The body remembers.

The body’s presence felt more powerfully by its absence, like a bed warm and crumpled long after its inhabitant left.

The objects that are made in cloth, speak, shout, whisper, breathe in a language of silence. Their presence is tangible. The use of found cloth has a powerful human presence and has the capacity to express humanity, human endeavor, emotion. Found Cloth holds within itself the memory of all rites of passage, for at first and last we are bound by its weave.

It is as if cloth takes on the imprint of energy, the memory, of the body through the years of use and wear. Conversely, the body holds within, a memory of that cloth.

The works are a paradox since they speak their language in silence and almost-stillness yet seek articulation through sound and movement. Their sculptural presence suggests the body’s presence or absence, sometimes they seem to be as bodies breathing, or echoing the fading passing footsteps, familiar patterns of everyday rhythms.

Rhythm makes things a whole.. it makes a pattern out of fragments, it makes whole, it heals. The pattern was already there, it is simply uncovered, it perfection revealed. The indefinite is of equal value to the definite, the fragmented to the whole, the disintegrated to the integrated.