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DEVELOP....(the shorter Oxford English Dictionary. 1933 edition)

To unfold, unroll; to unfurl...1868

To flatten out(a curved surface); to change the form of (a surface) by bending..1879

To unveil; to unfold; to disclose -1837

To unfold more fully, bring out all that is contained in...1750;

to open gradually 1883

to change the form or expression without changing the value. 1871

To bring forth from a latent or elementary condition.. 1813

to bring out and render visible (the latent image produced by actinic action upon a sensitive surface);

to apply to the treatment by which this is effected.

To cause to grow(what exists in the germ)

To unfold itself, grow from a germ; to grow into a fuller, higher, or maturer condition 1843

If any of the above reads as to where your art practice and you need to be, then you need to experience this unique workshop. No techniques, just a huge amount of encouragement and expertise will be given to develop and push what you already have in your soul.

Extend yourself to take your art beyond where you thought you could go. Any artistic medium will be accepted in this workshop.


Glenys Mann finds herself getting even more radical with her work - pushing both personal and technical boundaries - allowing time to respond ‘to’ the medium, rather than force it to fit to some preconceived plan - She has been mentoring artists for more than 25 years, teaching Masterclasses throughout Australia and Internationally.

Her art is owned by Galleries, Museums and private collections worldwide.

Glenys is limited only by the rate at which she travels toward new horizons.